Baseball and Life

The last couple of years have been inspiring, frustrating, sometimes exciting and often utterly flat, just as it is with watching baseball. I’m a Seattle Mariners fan. I get excited when we hit a home run. I’m inspired by the teams ability to work together and make it fun. There is no frustration more pronounced as when we are 5 runs ahead of the other team and the pitchers throw away the game in the last couple of innings. And what about those scoreless games that causes the eyelids to close only to be jolted out of a trance by an occasional blip of activity.

Its October 2015 in post- season playoffs. My Mariners didn’t make it–maybe next year. I know the feeling. I work hard and think I’m moving forward, then it stops. My project ends. No more work. Maybe next year, I say. Being unemployed is no fun, however it gives me time to think. I think about the Mariners “Skipper” Lloyd McClendon. He was let go last week by the new GM Jerry Dipoto. It’s bound to happen. Change, that is. I liked McClendon. I’m sure his departure is hard on many people in the organization, especially the players. My departure is hard on me, but especially hard on my husband. I’m the breadwinner in my family (that’s another topic for future discussion). Unlike McClendon, I don’t have a severance package to help me pay my bills or the privilege of extra time to find a new job. I’m out looking for work now. Thank goodness for unemployment insurance at a time like this.

My work as a graphic designer often takes the form of freelance and contract work for a few weeks or months surrounded by weeks or months of no work. I get excited when I work creating my way through life. I get inspired by the work my coworkers produce that helps me stretch my creative muscles and as a result achieve better designs than I had before.

On the other hand, being unemployed is a frustrating roller coaster ride, knowing that the interview for a position in a company is exciting until the letdown of not being chosen, only to start the process over again. The good news is baseball is on TV for a brief diversion, rooting for a different team in post-season baseball. LA Dodgers-3, NY Mets-1. One more game to elliminate one team. I’m rooting for LA!